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“Our company mines Bentonite clay for use in a number of commercial products. The clay is mined in three different states and then shipped to a rural warehouse uss express in Nevada, where I ensure that it is packed into standard ton bags and then shipped in 44,000-pound loads to our processing plant in Kentucky.

logistics company testimonials

Everything we do is focused on making our clients’ lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers. Once again, I would like to thank your entire team for the hard work, they provide to help me save my customers day. Providing expert service and innovative logistical solutions while partnering with our customers for their ultimate success. Recently, she organized several truckloads of art, artifacts, and high-end furnishings…all coming from various parts of the country, and all time-sensitive to our schedule, and the client’s schedule.

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As always, it is a pleasure working with you all and I will be reaching out to you for the next adventure next month. We do not have time to check on every shipment, but rest assured, if a problem has occurred, one call to Olympic is all that it takes. In the very few instances when there was a problem, Olympic notified us first, meaning, they are doing the tracking work that we don’t have time for. Working with Olympic, has saved our position in the eyes of our customers the few times there was a problem. I want you three to know that it truly has been a pleasure working with you which made my job easier, and for that I will always remember your professionalism. If for some reason I am again in a position to influence a logistics purchase you can count on me to make you the first call. You did an amazing job for us and I sincerely appreciate it.

logistics company testimonials

As an essential business providing food flavorings to hundreds of food companies Olympic assisted in keeping Bell’s customer production lines moving never having to shut down during the last few months. The unreserved growth shows PSTS Logistics’ commintment not only towards timely, professional, organised and customer service oriented services but also the association it had with the origin of Tuticorin Port and https://soundcloud.com/uss-express-reviews its development over the years. A French Navy ship, Le Mistral carried humanitarian relief goods from Chennai to the people of Burma hit by cyclone Nargis in the first week of June 2008. PSTS provided timely logistics services especially custom clearance and cargo handling in the Port of Chennai. I called yesterday after finding your service online and was immediately greeted with kindness and professionalism.

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We had a team flying into Arizona to do an installation, and everything had to arrive and be fully installed and coordinated with our own travel arrivals and departures. There were a few hiccups, but all was handled professionally and thoroughly by 1st Leading…beginning with Jennifer and ending with the unwavering help of Julio Torres. Without Julio working in tandem with our staff, and the drivers, and workers sent to unload, we simply could not have achieved our goals for those two https://www.trustpilot.com/review/uss-express.com crucial days. “On a Friday afternoon, one of our carriers dropped the ball and left us with a shipment that had to be moved from California to Oregon immediately. I called Matchmaker Logistics to see if they could come through for me, even though I had never asked them to handle this particular route before. Mary went beyond the call of duty, working in the office until 10 pm that night to ensure that we could fulfill our obligations and get that load to the distributor on time.

  • I have grown comfortable leaning on Global Net Logistics team with some of my end of the day and “fun” requests.
  • I lean hard on Olympics’ truly extraordinary staff, and I know intimately how difficult your jobs can be – I have been on your side of the fence.
  • There hasn’t been a time Global Net hasn’t come thru for me.
  • Coimbatore Pioneer Fertilizers produce and market Superphosphate for over 5 decades.
  • Years later, another career shift brought me to my current employer, a retailer with approximately 375 active small vendors, many of which use third-party warehouses.

In a pinch, they have provided just-in-time service for some of our most critical deliveries. We are there to inform and assist you in getting your cargo from point A to B flawlessly. We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available allover the world. Fast forward to the 1990’s, and I had left the world of retail for a company that produced copper tubing. I was running that company’s 3PL transportation, and I reached out to people who had given me good service and reasonable prices over the years.

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