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I am a small business owner that has a group therapy private practice using Indeed to hire new clinicians with. My account was active, then hours later my account was disabled for no reason at all.

Sean Peek has written more than 100 B2B-focused articles on various subjects including business technology, marketing and business finance. You should also take constant notes on employee performance – especially when there are no performance reviews on the horizon. A great review helps your employees identify growth opportunities and potential areas of improvement without damaging employee-manager relations, but writing a strong review isn’t easy.

Company Q&a

One applicant I got was my top pick until I uncovered she was a FELON with an extensive background of stealing from her employers. One guy showed up for his first two interviews, then ghosted us. uss express reviews Another woman did the initial interview, was excited to come back, and cost us time and MORE money by ghosting us again. Indeed is a great place to waste money and lose faith in the human race.

Sugar coat yourself and your questions (unless you’re applying for Leadhand at a Ranch or a job fighting/wrestling). If they say they offer benefits during the interview show the interviewer that what they say is important to you by asking them about said benefits.

Indeed has a consumer rating of 2.93 stars from 1,334 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Indeed most frequently mention customer service, small business and credit card problems.Indeed ranks 3rd among Recruiting sites. Richard Grote, author of How to Be Good at Performance Appraisals , said that instead of using terms like “good” or “excellent” in a review, employers should opt for more measurement-oriented language. Though they may not need as much guidance as other employees, these individuals could lose their passion or motivation if they are not occasionally recognized.

Should I Ask A Potential Employer About Their Negative Glassdoor Reviews?

33 percent of job seekers say they would pull out after hearing about employee or leadership scandals. 92 percent of working Americans consider employee reviews to be important when deciding to apply to a job.

  • I posted thr job and a few hours later got banned.
  • Makes my company looks bad for disappearing on the candidates and throws away all the work they’ve put into their applications which is a terrible/disrespectful thing to do.
  • Ultimately, your goal is to make stronger, better-informed decisions of which employers to not only pursue but also work for.
  • Morgan is transforming future of wealth management by incorporating strong Product and Design dis…
  • Employee reviews are considered opinion, so take it as such, and respond with your own opinion in a kind and genuine way.

I posted a job ad for my company and even sponsored it. Talked with a few really good candidates but what do you know, they disabled my account and won’t tell me the reason. Now I can’t even access the previous messages with those candidates. I am not happy with the fact that Indeed has decided to disable my account with no valid reason.

So be clear, be honest, and remember that nothing will change if it is not addressed. You could say, “I noticed that your company’s compensation and benefits was very highly ranked on Monster. ” Think of it as name-dropping, only with employer insight instead. Update your browser to have a more positive job search experience. Once you’ve posted your job, our powerful technology finds the best matches for your role and invites them to apply. For companies like Three Day Rule, this means more quality hires.

How To Respond To Reviews On Glassdoor: Advice For Employers

I left an honest review for a company that I worked for almost 10 years. It did not contain anything on the list of their reasons why it couldn’t be posted, so unfortunately I cannot trust Indeed when it comes to reviews. I will be using more legit websites, such as Glassdoor. Expect the online job market to be filled with a lot of duds.

Why Failing Is Key To Breakthrough Employer Branding

Plus, interviewers should already be aware of what’s being said online, even anonymously. And if they’re not, that also says something about devaluing their employees’ voices. Go to the source—employees who have been there, done that. That’s higher than the number of people who would trust either the company’s HR team or website. But in an era where social media dominates the attention of the Snapchat generation, you better believe candidates armed with smartphones are savvier than that. They vent their job search woes wherever they can.

I posted thr job and a few hours later got banned. I literally took a proper job description template and adjusted it to suit my business. I didnt even ask for a specific gender or anything which I understand would be a problem in South Africa as a lot of women can be easily taken advantage of. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We would be happy to assist with this situation so we’ve sent you a private message. Hello Stanley, thank you for reaching out and sharing this experience with us. We have responded to your review by private message.

All reviews on Indeed company pages are subject to a moderation process. The reviews are only removed if they do not abide by our posting guidelines. We have sent you a private message to learn more about this situation and how we can help. Ratedly, Cheesman’s company, works with employers to monitor review sites. “Companies that put their heads in the sand when it comes to employee review sites do so at their own peril.

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